Senior High School & Academic Calendar WordPress Theme (Education)

Senior High School & Academic Calendar WordPress Theme

Senior High School & Academic Calendar WordPress Theme

Sekolah is a clean and modern designed solution for schools, colleges and other small educational institutions. Sekolah comes with multiple options in a single package. Manage your students, organise lessons, create e-learning network, create timetable and schedules for different classes.

Advantages in Short

  • Create rich in content and beautiful events. Link students, tutors and use Call to Action buttons for event applications.
  • Create academic calendars
  • Organize timetables by classes
  • Create restricted pages with e-learning materials available for download
  • Write student stories with tags
  • Browse teachers directories, create portfolios with skills
  • Gallery, news, blog, interview, dashboard etc
  • Support school excursions
  • Manage registered users
  • Buy this university theme and you get superior Kenzap support should you need any modification or help

Multiple Home Page Layouts

With this WordPress theme you can create a website for any institution related to education, teaching, learning and set up your site in a few easy steps. Our superior support is alway ready to assist you should any issues or questions arise. This theme is perfect for university, colleges, language school, e-learning courses, primary school, academies, dance academy and excursion organization. Feel free to customize it any way you want.

Academic Calendars

If you need to organize classes lessons and instantly publish it online this theme comes with convenient interfaces that allows you easily create event rich calendars for your audience. Use different coloring to stress most important events and/or courses timings like exams or sessions. The backend interfaces does not require any coding skills. Just build academic calendars in an easy and intuitive way.


Timetables are a very convenient way to represent your institutions everyday activities. Different styles, sizes of containers are easy to adjust. Any container can be removed or customized. Change lesson titles, timings and assign appropriate colors. You can even use timetables just to represent something that is not related to timings like workflow structure, exam processing steps etc.


Create teachers profiles. Highlight skills with animated percentage bars. Create direct contact forms and track/save communication flow on backend. Organize teacher listings by categories. Click on the link below to see it in live.

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Version 1.0.0

update: newsletter, news, menu sections stylings fixes.
update: events input fields filter responsive version spacings fix
update: performed search for all unescaped variables
update: removed jQuuery 3.0 library to fix dependency issue
update: events page validatgion errors fixed
update: search results page styling adjustments
update: some 404 not found errors fixed